best quality powder Alprostadil PGE1

Alias: Prostaglandin E1,PGE1,Caverject
CAS No: 745-65-3
EINECS No: 212-017-2
MF:     C20H34O5
MW:     354.48

Purity: 99%
Appearance: White crystal powder.

USES: Used in vascular smooth muscle, blood vessels, improve blood flow, improve microcirculation perfusion; And inhibit platelet aggregation and thromboxane A2, inhibit atherosclerosis and lipid plaque and immune complex formation;
Expansion of small peripheral blood vessels and coronary artery, decrease peripheral vascular resistance and blood pressure, protect the platelet membrane, prevent thrombosis;
Protection of ischemic myocardium, reduce myocardial infarction size; Anti heart failure;
Dilate kidney vessels and increase renal blood flow and removing nonprotein nitrogen, adjust the water and sodium balance, diuresis and protection of renal function.

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